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  Easy to grow - at most times of the year - salad rocket is one of the first leafy greens to enter our veggie patches. A mildly spicy flavour, that increases in pungency as it shoots its flower heads, it can be productive for a number of months through the flowering process. Being part of the brassica family it is also a favoured crop for the white cabbage moth, however they are not as vivacious towards this variety as some others.

  When to Plant:

Zone 1: September - May

Zone 2: September - June

Zone 3: Anytime

Zone 4: March - September

  Soil: Prepare with compost and well-rotted manure. Fresh manure has a tendency to burn younger rocket seedlings, so ensure what you apply is mellowed out or leave to settle for 1-2 weeks before planting.



• Made in Australia

Rocket 'Salad' Heirloom Seeds

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