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  A fast growing leafy green, with round and smooth, thick broad leaves. Best to direct sow when conditions and soil temperatures are stable, otherwise propagate in a mini greenhouse and then transplant. As a member of the brassica family, it is susceptible to caterpillar attack so best to net during white cabbage moth season (peak autumn and spring). Snails also favour it's crunchy, nutritious leaves but the plant often grows fast enough to evade notable damage. Excellent in stir fries, soups or fresh.

  When to Plant:

Zone 1: September - May

Zone 2: Any time

Zone 3: Any time

Zone 4: February - November

  Soil: Prepare with compost and well-rotted manure and allow the soil to settle for 1 -2 weeks before planting. Fresh manure has a tendency to burn younger lettuce seedlings, so corporating a green manure in your soil as part of the preparation is also ideal.



• Made in Australia

Pak Choi "Green" Heirloom Seeds

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