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  An extra sweet strain of Anise, this herb is used to make one of the best herb teas with the leaves possessing a naturally sweet, wonderful anise taste & fragrance. It has lovely purple flowers that the bees love, so great as a herbaceous border to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects.

  When to Plant

Zone 1: October - April

Zone 2: September - May

Zone 3: Anytime

Zone 4: Anytime

  Soil: Ensure your soil is nutrient rich so prepare it with fresh manure and compost a fortnight before planting. Likes a well-drained soil type. Soil pH Level 6.5-7.0

  Position: Full sun but won’t mind a little afternoon shading.

  How to Plant: Sow directly into your patch when daytime temperatures regularly surpass 18-20 degrees.



• Made in Australia

Hyssop "Anise" Heirloom seeds

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