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  Eureka has a strong aroma and is mostly used for its fresh leaves, however the entire plant is edible and delicious. A tall standing type plant which is slow in bolting, it can be grown during the warmer times of the year when keep out of direct afternoon sun, but we find it grows best once the weather cools down. Perfect for autumn planting in temperate zones. See how to grow coriander here

  When to Plant:

Zone 1: October - April

Zone 2: September - May

Zone 3: April - November

Zone 4: April - July

  Soil: Work a fertile, friable soil, mixed through with compost and organic matter. Herbs are hardy perennials that will survive in most soil types.



• Made in Australia

• Weight: 4.5 g (0.2 oz)

Coriander 'Eureka' Heirloom Seeds

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