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  The perfect bell capsicum, this is also the perfect stuffing capsicum because it is thick-walled, tender and flavourful. Resilient to disease and producing well into autumn, it’s a staple in our warm season veggie patch

  When to Plant:

Zone 1: October - December

Zone 2: August - November

Zone 3: August - March

Zone 4: Any

  Soil: Prepare a rich soil with manure a fortnight prior to planting. Ensure that the position drains well as capsicum are susceptible to blossom end rot from overwatering. Soil pH Level 5.5-6.5

  Position: Capsicum love absolute full sun and heat. Position them in hottest part of your veggie patch but shelter them from winds.



• Made in Australia

• Weight: 4.5 g (0.2 oz)

Capsicum 'Wonder Sweet Bell' Heirloom Seeds

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