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  A prolific early spring grower and heavy cropper, Scarlett Runner beans produce clusters of bright red flowers that form into purple podded beans, that amongst heirloom varieties are considered in a league of their own. In order to accommodate the plant's growth they should be trained up a sizeable trellis.

  When to Plant:

  Zone 1: October - December 

Zone 2: September - February 

Zone 3: August - April 

Zone 4: Any

  Soil:  Beans fix your soil with nitrogen that they naturally produce, so a moderately fertile, free-draining soil is required. Ensuring pH is within the recommended range.  Soil pH Level  6.5-7.0 

  Position:  Full sun, preferably in an area of your patch that allows them to be trained vertically and therefore conserve space.



• Made in Australia

• Weight: 99.8 g (3.5 oz)

Beans Climbing 'Scarlett Runner' Heirloom Seeds

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