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Perfect for Vertical Garden & Green Wall Applications

Designed specifically for vertical garden enthusiasts, Gro-Wall® includes many new intuitive and constructive features that benefit both users and designers. New features include a revolutionary watering system, improved wall anchoring and improved planting capabilities.

Create Lush, Beautiful Vertical Gardens

The Gro-Wall® 4 enables designers and users to install vertical gardens in adverse outdoor environmental conditions and in regulated indoor environments with complete access and control. The new enhancements provide targeted watering control of individual plants, maximum water efficiency, last minute design changes and easy access to irrigation components.

Gro-Wall® 4 is the perfect tool for designers creating vertical landscapes and the perfect companion for its' caretakers.

Atlantis Gro-Wall 4.5 Kit 18 Pots

$264.00 Regular Price
$229.00Sale Price
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