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  The best selling aroid mix is now available as a 15L bag. Same quality aroid mix - just more of it - all packed into a 60% recycled plastic bag for the aroid addicts. 

  Not all plants are created equal. They each have unique water, light and fertilising requirements to hit their optimum growth and thrive sweet spots. Aroids and tropical houseplants need a blend of large chunk orchid bark, perlite, coco peat and compost to really live their best lives. 

  The ultimate potting mix for aroids and tropical houseplants.

  If this was a meal, it would be the nutritious seasonal veggies and protein dinner in a world full of fries and burgers.


•  Made in Australia
•  Weight: 33 kg (72.8 lb)

Plant Runner Aroid Mix 15l Bag

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